Company Profile

Company Profile

Dongguan Shangyi Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Dalang, Dongguan, which is known as the "world's wool capital". It has been cultivating in the wool industry for many years and has rich independent research and development experience. "FUDYLa" is the company's own women's clothing brand. The company is a clothing brand enterprise integrating R&D, design and manufacturing.

  "FUDYLa" is guided by diversified consumer demand, grasps the pulse of fashion, blends the cultural spirit of East and West, and interprets the romantic feelings of modern urban women and ladies in a romantic style.

"FUDYLa" will be through the brand with light trend, light excellence, light luxury, and designer department. We combine the original elements of fashion trends with comfortable natural fabrics to create high-quality designer brands. Our avant-garde, but not alternative, we are concise, but also very exquisite, we pay attention to the sense of design, pay attention to collocation, wear more clothes for our brand characteristics. We don't do fashion, we are fashion.

Business Advantage

The company has its own team of designers, the design style has always been at the forefront of the trend, leading the fashion, hundreds of styles every season. Follow the trend, pay attention to collocation, pay attention to quality, and put people first. In each season, the popular colors of the season will be launched and at the same time match the classic color system. It is keen to capture the popular elements of each season, and bring these elements into the products of the new season, and quickly pass them to the terminals of various brands.


Business Advantage
Company Culture

Company Culture

Entrepreneurial spirit
Loyalty, harmony, pragmatism, innovation


Corporate vision 
Create an influential fashion women's fast-selling brand in China

Brand spirit

Love life love fashion

Service philosophy

Start with customer needs and finally customer satisfaction


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